Founder Region Fellowship ~ Soroptimist International




 MAY: 1st Fellowship Meeting (conference)

  1. Introductions if new directors present

  2. Post Mortem on Conference as needed

  3. President gives out planning dates for next year

  4. Officers may be named (treasurer, secretary)

AUGUST: 2nd Fellowship Meeting (planning)

  1. Board Meeting

    1. Confirmation of Officers (e.g. treas. secty)

    2. Set Budget and fundraising goals

    3. Set Dates, Meeting locations, and Objectives

    4. District Meeting Plans (raffle)

  2. Theme for Games set and rules

SEPTEMBER-OCTOBER (prep District Mtgs)

  1. Raffle tickets/basket info sent to District Presidents

    1. Districts pass on information about tickets/baskets at their RoundTable meeting with club reps

    2. Directors receive checks for raffle

  2. District Meetings Are Held

    1. Directors attend and collect fellowship raffle tickets

    2. Fellows are drawn/Baskets are drawn

  3. OCTOBER TO FEBRUARY (attend clubs)

  4. PRESIDENT prepares fellowship applications

    1. Research Eligible Universities and Contacts

    2. Post Application On FR Website

    3. Announce Fellowship publicly

    4. Collect applications/correspond with applicants

  5. DIRECTORS attend club meetings

    1. Sell Fellowship/award new certificates

    2. Sell Games for conference

    3. Do Fun for Fellowship games in Feb

  6. FEBRUARY: 3rd Fellowship Meeting (reading)

  7. DIRECTORS stay over long weekend to read applications, score, and pick interviewees

  8. PRESIDENT notifies applicants and sets up interviews for Hawaii and Berkeley

MARCH: 4TH Fellowship Meeting (interviews)

  1. DIRECTORS stay over long weekend to interview applicants, score and pick winners

    1. Choose which will speak at conference, and which directors will present

  2. PRESIDENT assigns director tasks for conference

    1. Invitations for party

    2. Brochures about awardees

    3. History Update

    4. Pictures/Entertainment

    5. Place Settings?


  1. DIRECTORS pool unused games and finalize party/dinner plans

  2. DIRECTORS host reception for Fellowship Friday

  3. DIRECTORS introduce winners at head table  Friday

  4. DIRECTORS make report at Sat Fellowship meeting

  5. DIRECTORS sell games and keep tabs on winners

  6. DIRECTORS announce new Fellows (make new certs too?)

  7. DIRECTORS plan for next year