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Your donations to Fellowship DO make a difference! Our Fellowship allows these powerful, creative, intelligent and influential women to finish their doctorate so they can continue to make a difference in the world on a larger scale. This is all made possible with your donations.

One need only to look at what Soroptimist Fellowship recipients have done already and are doing now.  These women are and will be making the decisions or advising the decision makers. They will be creating projects, laws, and jobs, or making discoveries, inventions, tools, and other means to make the world a better place for women and girls.


The Fellowship application and selection process is complex, ensuring only the best projects with the most relevance to Soroptimist mission are selected. Applicants are required to send in an autobiography, a description of the doctoral project and statement about its importance, recommendations from professors, college transcripts, and an income/expense form.  

Fellowship directors read the documents with each application (sometimes as many as 50 files!) and score the projects. Ten or more applicants are selected for a personal interview, where the directors can ask more about the projects and applicant herself. Hawaiian applicants are interviewed in Hawaii. Any applicants unable to attend the personal interview may provide a video answering a list of questions.

All finalists are selected from the pool of interviewees and they are notified immediately. The selection process is very difficult with many qualified students applying. Applicants often thank the board for having the opportunity to talk about their project outside of school, and they know that just getting to the interview stage is a vote of confidence from Soroptimist. 


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