Advancing the status of women through financial support in the final phase of their doctoral programs.

Founder Region Fellowship
75th Anniversary

75 Year Diamond Jubilee Fundraising Campaign

Thank you To the following Diamond Jubilee Donors

Amelia Benko - SI/The Tri-Valley
Ann Jadro-Bettiga - SI/Eureka
Ann Macaulay - Vacaville Twilight
Angela Mason - SI/El Cerrito
Angie Bugarin - SI/Central Oahu
Angie Golis-Yamamoto - SI/Waikiki Foundation, Inc.
Angie Haramoto - SI/Maui
Arletta Cortright - SI/Central Solano County
Audry Gonsalves - SI/The Delta
Cara Begley - SI/Antioch
Becky Lessler - SI/Central Solano County
Beverly Brun - SI/Central Solano County
Bev Gomer - SI/Martinez
Billie Knight - SI/The East Bay
Birdie Forsyther - SI/The Delta
Bobbi Enderlin - SI/Benicia
Bonnie Mertz - SI/East Bay
Bonnie Thomas -  SI/Crescent City
Brandi Palomo - SI/Vacaville Twilight
Burrell Catanach - SI/Eureka
Elizabeth Hiler - SI/Eureka
Candy Capogrossi - SI/El Cerrito
Carol Crossley - SI/Eureka
Carolyn Cotton - SI/Central Solano County
Cathy Nakahara - SI/Central Oahu
Cahterine Horan - SI/Windsor
Catherine Pinkas - SI/Oakland-The Founder Club
Charlene Spinner - SI/Rio Vista
Chantel Reyes - SI/Vacaville Twilight
Cheryl Bovee - SI/Vacaville Twilight
Cheryl Kolstad -  SI/Crescent City
Cindy Rasmussen - SI/Waikiki Foundation
Colleen Berumen - SI/Vacaville Twilight
Colleen Ganaye - SI/Sonoma Valley
Crystal Arbuthnot - SI/The Redwoods
Dana Holve - SI/Vacaville Twilight
Danelle Tegarden - SI/Eureka
Danielle Coburn - SI/240-680 (Walnut Creek)
Darlene Moran - SI/Central Oahu
Debbie Coles - SI/Arcata
Debbie Scaife - SI/ Eel River Valley
Debbie Thompson - SI/Crescent City
Deborah Mealhouse - SI/Humboldt Bay
Deborah Roden - SI/Rio Vista
Denise Grimshaw - SI Richmond
Donna Whitehouse - SI/East Bay
Dorothy Andrews - SI/Central Solano County
Elan Firpo - SI/Humboldt Bay
Elise Balgley - SI/The Tri-Valley
Elizabeth Hiler - SI/Eureka
Emari Hunn - SI/Honolulu
Evelyn Nodal - SI/Rio Vista
Fanette Downie/Allman - SI/Eel River Valley
Geri Cunningham - SI/Eel River Valley
Ginette Huot - SI/The Delta
Ginny Masten - SI/Humboldt Bay
Heather Ellison - SI/The Redwoods
Heather McLaughlin - SI/Benicia
Helen Sager - SI/Santa Rosa
Honore McIlhattan - SI/Vallejo
Jackie De Vries - SI/Vacaville
Jamie McDougall - SI/Vallejo
Jan Schults - SI/The Delta
Jan Valentine - SI/The Delta
Janet Flink - SI/Oakmont Wine Country
Jean Marie Nowak (in memoriam) SI/Eureka
Jean Robson -  SI/Crescent City
Jeannine Galatioto - SI/Crescent City
Jennifer Klingbeil - SI/St. Helena
Jenny Olszewski - SI/Humboldt Bay
Jessica Castro - SI/The Marianas
Joan Mora - SI/Windsor
Joiz Salas - SI/Guam
Joy Swank - SI/Vacaville
Judy Moon - SI/Martinez
Judith Lloyd - SI/Central Solano County
Julie Sessa - SI/Eureka
Jun Look - SI/Waikiki Foundation
Kathy Ishimoto - SI/Central Oahu
Kathy Mathis - SI/The Delta
Kay Kelley - SI/Rio Vista
Kathi Regan - SI/The Delta
Karen McNeil - SI/Vacaville Twilight
Kim Grossberg - SI/24-680 (Walnut Creek)
Kitty Norris - SI/Willits (x2)
Kristal Koga - SI/The Marianas
Kristin Chorbi - SI/Eureka
Kristin Einberger - SI/American Canyon

Laurie Cruz - SI/Central Oahu
Laurinda McCollister - SI/Humboldt Bay
Laura Brasil - SI/Napa
Laura Middlemiss - SI/Humboldt Bay
Laurie Gallian - SI/Sonoma Valley
Laurie Garrison - SI/Eel River Valley
Laura Glass - SI/Antioch
Leona Soto - SI/Central Oahu
Lenora Fuller - SI/Vacaville
Lenore Colarusso - SI/24-680 (Walnut Creek)
Lillian Meyers - SI/Sonoma Valley
Linda Brasil - SI/Napa
Linda Green - SI/Dixon
Linda Glantz - SI/Dixon
Linda Perry -  SI/Crescent City
Linda Quilici - SI/The Delta
Linda Tschaplizki - SI/The Delta
Lisa Hilas - SI/Central Solano County
Lisa Ingargiola - SI/Vallejo
Lisa Staraci-Schibler - SI/24-680 (Walnut Creek)
Lourdes Marcelo - SI/Central Oahu
Lynn Levin - SI/The East Bay
Lynn Recknagel - SI/Central Solano County
Maida Herbst - SI/Sonoma Valley
Mamie Bramlett - SI/Waikiki Foundation, Inc.
Margee Brownfield - Santa Rosa
Maria Herrera - SI/Eureka
Marian Rojo - SI/East Bay
Mary Ann Branch - SI/Benicia
Mary Dickey - SI/Vacaville
Mary Beutner - SI/Central Solano County
Mary Lou Goodwin (in memoriam) - SI/Eureka
Mary Ruth Rheinschild (in memoriam) - SI/Crescent City
Maureen Dugoni - SI/Vacaville Twilight
Meredith Raymond - SI/Arcata
Michelle Strand - SI/Vacaville Twilight
Michelle Trippi - SI/Vacaville Twilight
Michelle Ushio - SI/Central Oahu
Nancy Bennett - SI/Central Solano County
Nancy Olipares - SI/Waikiki Foundation
Nancy Woods - SI/Humboldt Bay
Noriko Salangdron - SI/Central Oahu
Pam Parker - SI/St Helena
Pat Smith - SI/The Tri-Valley
Patricia Dutton - SI/Humboldt Bay
Patricia Gilchrist - SI/24-680 (Walnut Creek)
Patricia Taitano - SI/The Marianas
Patricia Wells - SI/East Bay
Patty Thomas - SI/Humboldt Bay
Paulette Cooper -  SI/Crescent City
Pearl Porter - SI/Napa
Peggy Dimmick - SI/Arcata
Rena Borja - SI/Guam  
Rene Tokunaga - SI/Central Oahu
Roberta Forsythe - SI/The Delta
SI/The Delta - club donation
Sally Munger - SI/Clear Lake (x2)
Sally Silvia - SI/Central Solano County
Sandra Weyer - SI/Eureka
Sandy Esparza - SI/Vacaville
Sara Williams - SI/Napa
Sarah Turner - SI/Eel River Valley
Sharon Redd - SI/Humboldt Bay
Sharon Sligh - SI/Arcata
Sharon Wilkerson - SI/24-680 (Walnut Creek)
Shelee Loughmiller - SI/Vallejo
Sheila Wang - SI/Oakland-The Founder Club
Sheilah Tucker - SI/Central Solano County
Shelagh Carrick -  SI/Crescent City
SI/Honolulu - Club Fellow
SI/Northern Mariana Islands
Sonia Freytes - SI/The Delta
Stephanie Beardsley - SI/Central Solano County
Shirley Lipa - SI/Eel River Valley
Sue Bias - SI/Waikiki Foundation, Inc.
Sue Pretzer - SI/The Delta
Susan Boreliz - SI/24-680 (Walnut Creek)
Susan Daugherty -  SI/Crescent City
Susan Dever - SI/Central Solano County
Sue Galliani - SI/Humboldt Bay
Susie Ertell -  SI/Crescent City
Terry Comiskey - SI/24-680 (Walnut Creek)
Teri Lynn Sato - SI/Honolulu
Theatta Smith - SI/Eureka
Tosha Martins-Bowling - SI/Humboldt Bay
Vicki Baldwin -  SI/Crescent City
Vicki Ham - SI/Willits
Vicki Dillard - SI/Arcata
Wilma Madden -  SI/Crescent City
Yvonne Bigham - Vacaville Twilight
Yvonne Maciel -  SI/Crescent City
Yvonne Mink - SI/24/680 (Walnut Creek)