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75 Year Diamond Jubilee Fundraising Campaign Launched

We have a big audacious fundraising goal this year - $75,000! With just a little more effort on our part, I know we can make this goal. In honor of our 75 Year Diamond Jubilee Anniversary, we are holding a special fundraising campaign to commemorate this achievement.
"75 Year Diamond Jubilee Fundraising Campaign" details:
  • We are soliciting all Fellows to make a one-time donation of $75 (or more).  It may have been years since a member became a Fellow, so we hope to encourage our long standing Fellows to continue to support Fellowship.  (Non-Fellows can donate to this campaign as well.)
  • If  at least 12 of your club members each donate $75 (or $900 total), whether they are a Fellow or not, your club can name a Fellow, which is a discount of $100.  Now if your club already budgets to name a Fellow every year, we hope that you will do this in addition to the individual member donations.
  • All donors will be entered into a drawing to win a Fellow (or level up), be posted on a special Anniversary Page on the Fellowship Website and receive Special Recognition at the 2023 Founder Region Conference In May.  
  • Donations must be received by April 1st to be recognized at Conference.


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